Speeches that span from the 70s through his time as Mayor and on to the new world in Silicon Valley.

The Spirit of St. Patrick

By Thomas McEnery It was a strange gathering at the University of San Francisco Gym on February 21, 1971. The audience consisted of elderly couples, quartets of matrons, priests, nuns, students, radical leftist types, Black nationalists, and those commonly referred to by the sobriquet of “hippies”; it could well be called a true, albeit temporary, closing of the generation gap. The object of this dŽtente was an address delivered by an Irish Member of the British Parliament. The Tricolor was nowhere to be seen, no choruses of “The Soldiers Song” were sung, no shamrocks or banners, and except for a … Continue reading

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Advantages of a Catholic President

When Senator John F. Kennedy was chosen President last November 9th, the thought of a Catholic in the White House sent shivers up the spines of a great number of Americans as the worst calamity that ever happened in the history of the United States. But I feel otherwise about this “new thing” on the national scene – in fact, I maintain that it can be put down as an asset rather than a liability – a definite step forward in the democratic process. I shall limit myself to two examples of this welcomes advance; one taken from the reversal … Continue reading

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